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Name and locate this week’s picture

Leave your reply in the comments section or post on our Facebook page. Don’t delay- winners announced soon!

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Lessons from a madrasa

With the cooling of the air comes the realization that summer vacation is ending and school will be starting soon. This propels a lot of parents to get into high gear and go shopping for school. Back to school sales … Continue reading

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Name this school contest

Can you name and locate this school? Winners will be announced on Friday on our Facebook page.

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Enderûn School, designed for the education of the gifted youngsters recruited via Devshirme – in Topkapi Palace.

“Devshirme” in Turkish means “collecting” and in Ottoman times, children were “collected” from around the empire and brought into the capital to be taught and trained to serve in various positions in the empire. Students who showed military inclinations were … Continue reading

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Dr.Gabor Mate on Parenting

Just sharing a few poignant quotes from family physician and author Dr. Gabor Mate. He writes and speaks extensively about addiction, attachment, mental disorders and more. He is a storehouse of knowledge and I do recommend reading his book, Hold … Continue reading

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What is this a picture of? What does it signify?

Join our little contest- tell us what you think this picture signifies! Yes, this is from the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. The question is what is this particular image of? A window to the world? A view within? What … Continue reading

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Like us on Facebook

SoulfulStudies now has an official Facebook page. Like us and enjoy snippets of parenting wisdom, inspired learning and much more directly on your newsfeed! Of course, we will continue to share things on our blog site too!

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