Welcoming our newest arrival!

I resisted for many years- the pleading, the guilt trips, the begging, the whining, the promises and the complaints- but I finally succumbed. My family won, and Alhamdulillah, I must say, I don’t regret it either.

Our daughter felt alone in an all boys’ home (somehow mom and grandma don’t seem to count). She was the main reason I gave in or perhaps, I gave up, my fight. The boys wanted to prove responsibility, compassion and care. Yes, they did all this when our baby Jamal was born, but I guess Jamal has to grow up too. Everyone felt our baby was no longer a baby and the time was right for another one.

Perhaps, the biggest push in this direction was my sister who needed someone to watch her baby when she vacationed. She dropped off Muezza one day and she is still here! So, without a formal welcome or any proper planning, Muezza Rasheed has become the newest member of our “tribe”.

Muzzy, as she is usually called, is a 6 year old Abyssinian grey. She is mild mannered, soft spoken and very lady like. She is tolerant of my five year old and of our own ten year old animaniac.

Her presence has reminded us all to be gentler and more loving by default. She expects nothing more than a clean litter box, food and water. A warm spot in the sun and fresh air are good too:) She meows soothingly and is more well behaved than my own children at times. She doesn’t scratch or bite or expect attention. She’ll nuzzle next to our teenager every night and sleep by his feet as he reads in bed. She will never walk on our prayer rugs, always around them, and she will patiently meow by the bathroom door if it’s closed and she needs to use her litter box.

Muezza has taught my boys to be calmer out of respect for the little lady. She has made my daughter step up and take on chores like cleaning the litter box and feeding her and even helped me cede some responsibility on to my kids, which I sometimes have difficulty with. She has truly shown us the meaning of the interconnectedness of our lives!

Please join us as we welcome into our hearts and home-
Muezza Ellaboudy Rasheed.
Friends and neighbors are welcome to come meet and greet her anytime, I can’t promise she won’t be shy!



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2 Responses to Welcoming our newest arrival!

  1. Imtiyaz begum says:

    A good one.

  2. Shereen says:

    I miss Muzzy

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