Celebrate love

A thin u-shaped sliver illuminated the darkening sky and ushered in the month of Rabi Ul Awwal this year. Worldwide, this month of mercy, love, compassion and the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is being revered, celebrated and rejoiced in, and the gatherings of the hearts has commenced. As promised by our most generous lord, I have begun to feel the blessings descend this month already.

Habib Omar bin Hafidh recently said, “Teach your children to love the Prophet, … connect (their) hearts (to) the Prophet… Direct the attention of the upcoming generation to their Messenger; indeed this grounds and strengthens the secret of emulation and comportment in them and raises them to a high rank.” How can we celebrate love for a messenger we haven’t gotten to know? How can we emulate a man we cannot connect with? How can we follow his Sunnah without understanding the wisdom in his actions? This blessed month is another chance for us to reconnect, to realize and to revive our lost souls with the love and respect for him. Learning, and then teaching the shamail, (the description of the prophet) recitation of beautiful poems in praise of the prophet, just like the sahabas did and spreading cheer by sharing meals with loved ones are all ways to get to know him, emulate him and follow his teachings!

One should have good opinion of their lord and He will bring those opinions to fruition is the rule I believe in and it leaves no room for worry of innovations and additions to love. I was raised with lots of celebrations and traditions so it must come as no surprise that I try and duplicate the joys of Islamic holidays for my family. Children thrive on special events and celebrations and with so much out there that they certainly cannot participate in, I like to add a few sprinklings of things they can and should enjoy.

Some will ask where the benefit is in sitting around singing praises all day, some will ask where the blessings are in feeding people who are well fed already, some will question intentions behind actions. Others may fret and fume over whether we should gather or if we should celebrate or if we should stand, but if one would shut the noise out and listen to the tranquility of their souls and peace of their hearts, all doubts would be erased! Every Muslim country in the world, except one, revers this month and celebrates its twelfth with passion and grandiose and it’s time we Muslims in the United States celebrate love too!


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