I stand corrected

I very humbly and very publicly accept my erroneous statement to my husband as we departed for our much awaited family vacation last year. In anticipation of his extremism with organic, natural and wholesome foods, I asked him to take it easy while on a road trip through CA, AZ and UT. Where would I find meals that are satisfying to both the kids’ palate and my husband’s requirements? Or so I thought! There is an old saying, “seek and you shall find”, as did we. Therefore, I make this public apology!
In case any friends decide to make the stops we did while on a road trip and want to grab a bite that’s not fast food, fried food or “who knows what” food, here is our list.
Sedona, Arizona:
This city’s beauty was heightened for us by it’s extensively progressive lifestyle. It wasn’t hard at all to find organic milk or fruits. In fact our dinner was a happy, satisfied one with delicious, organic (they even had gluten free!) pizza and pasta at Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen.
The Grand Canyon, Arizona.
The Canyon Village Marketplace had all our organic produce, pastas, sauces, dairy and even freshly baked all natural bread! Needless to say, a camp stove, and a pot to cook was all what we needed. Plus the restaurants at the park offer park grown, organic salads and veggies.
Zion National Park, Utah.
This place was quite a surprise for us. We really didn’t know what to expect at a National Park in Utah! One thing was for sure in my mind, we weren’t going to find our organic food in the southern mountains of Utah. Much to our surprise, just outside the park we were able to secure some great tasting organic, locally roasted coffee and wholesome, locally grown vegetables. For anyone visiting this part of the country, try to make Cafe Soliel part of your itinerary.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Interestingly, even in the heart of Mormon-land, my husband was able to get himself multiple cups of organic, small batch roasted java!

I know most of you are reading this post and thinking, ” what has any of this got to do with homeschooling?”
I wrote this list of places over a year ago when we actually took the trip, but the lesson it taught me is a very pertinent one today – stand true to what you believe and you will find a way. Sometimes that’s a lesson learned the hard way. How many of us homeschooling parents worry about how our kids will fare in the real world? How many of us reconsider our curriculum choices to fit the state standards? How many rethink, with each beginning school year, if this is truly what we want for our kids? How many of us attend events where regular school going kids perform or show off their knowledge, skill or talent making us uneasy about our decision to homeschool? How many of us shuffle in our shoes and have to remind ourselves the real reasons why we homeschool as our kids’ friends begin “the regular school year”? This trip and my husband’s determination, showed me how perseverance pays off. If we truly see no other way- we will make things work for us. If we keep a way out in the corner of our eye, we may use the exit door even before the alarm rings! This is more a reminder for me than anyone else, to stay strong and carry on and not let the winds of doubt sway you from your decision to do what is best for your family.

Tawfiq wa Aafiya, inshaAllah!

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2 Responses to I stand corrected

  1. Um Sumayyah says:

    Love it! and oh so true!!

  2. Umm Ameen says:

    Masha’Allah so beautifully said!

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