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Homeschooling Radio Interview

I’ve posted a link to a recent radio interview that I did about homeschooling and Kinza Academy. Hope you enjoy it.

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Circles of Concern

After being out for a month and a half, I was thrilled to see issues of National Geographic magazines sit patiently and wait for me alongside the stacks of mail. As I flipped through the colorful photos and browsed through … Continue reading

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Discipline and decision

Every morning my kitchen resonates with at least three different requests for breakfast, which may sound shocking, but in our case, is accepted. Rarely do my four little ones select the same dish but through discussion and sometimes argumentation, they … Continue reading

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First of seven

As I frustratedly try and stuff another box of barely used toys, unused cutlery sets, read and re-read books, into our already packed garage, “There’s no more space” is what runs through my mind. The occasional catharsis of donation does … Continue reading

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