Welcome to my world of education. This is where I share how I teach my children to live, love and learn. Though I home school my children, my ideas can be implemented by anyone who is interested in taking charge of their child’s education. We are all teachers, and we all students at the same time. Entering the world of schooling with an attitude of a “know it all” gets us nowhere, but humbling ourselves, even in front of our children, and admitting that we do not know it all but are willing to learn, is the best route we can take.

The purpose of my blog is to share with you ideas that have worked in my family and thoughts on how to correct errors that I have made so that you can feel empowered to educate your own child. Teaching from the heart goes straight to their heart and sticks in their soul like any true learning should. I remember as a child we had to memorize or learn “by heart” a lot in school. To this day, it is with me and will continue to be. In fact, traditional cultures do not consider it learning if you have not committed to memory or “learned by heart” a text.

Teaching to a child’s heart is easy as these pure hearts are full of love and curiosity. In the words of a great saint and scholar of our times, Habib Omar bin Hafidh of Tarim, ” A child is a trust in the care of his parents. For his pure heart is a precious uncut jewel, which will accept being cut into any shape. If it is habituated in goodness, then this will be its practice, its parents and teachers will share in its reward.” We now have to decide who and what will cut this jewel. We as parents have to get back in tune with our children. Listen to their hearts and not just their heads. We need to increase in our own litanies and prayers and seek out the nurturing spirit in all of us to guide our young ones to the pleasure of God and become balanced human beings like our Messenger wants us to. This is the goal of Soulful Studies. May God guide us to it.

About Soulful Studies

Home schooling consultant, home educator and mother of 4, blogger
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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Teyebeh M. Bashir says:

    Thanks for the reminder…I need to print this out when I teach and we get “stuck” and frustrated…JAK



  2. Um Sumayyah says:

    Amin! Would love to hear more of your feedback! Jazaki Allahu khayran for putting this together.. definitely will add to my GReader! 🙂

  3. Layla says:

    Thank you for your blog sister, it’s really helped me get back on course. Masha Allah and may Allah increase for you. Ameen

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