Homeschooling in Orange County? Check this out. 



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Clarity Amidst Confusion

I was recently invited to speak at the MCA to discuss educational options available today. 

One attendee took some very clear notes and has shared them at the blogspot above. 

Hope you all find benefit in it as well. 


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Do you know these?

As the parent of two teenagers this article resonated with my Luddite self. Please read, share and be aware to help ourselves and our children.

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Workshop– Organized Homeschooling


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Homework anyone?

 Homeschoolers rarely have to deal with the “H” word, but parents with children in schools, either private or public, are on both sides of the fence on this issue. Until now, Alfie Kohn and a few opponents of homework were the only ones to push against homework. Most educators and administrators pushed for homework for a variety of reasons. Finally, with a recent study out, one NYC Elementary school has gone where no public school had before. Read on to see which side of the fence you stand on.

NYC Elementary School Eliminates Homework

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Earth Science Homeschool resources

Homeschoolers are always looking for ideas, inspiration and freebies to help supplement their “schooling”. Here is something has put up for those interested.
Check it out and download while it’s free!

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Professional Development with Shaheen Rasheed

Soulful Studies:

My latest training session with a wonderfully engaged group of teachers on a topic close to my heart.

Originally posted on Peace Terrace News:

Shaheen Rasheed brings over twenty years of in-and-out of classroom teaching experience to this project. Shaheen’s expertise in K-8 education is best suited to guide educators to pick, plan and deploy excellence for their young students in an alternative educational model school. Shaheen has worked extensively with the Classical Approach to education as an Educational Consultant and holds a degree in Elementary Education along with certifications in Teaching English as a Second Language, Early Childhood Education and a current Masters in Education. She is pleased to be able to provide you with the highest quality resources for this project based on both her practical and theoretical experience.

What is a classical education model? How can it be applied? What are the benefits? These were some of the questions we explored with Shaheen Rasheed who is currently working with us as a consultant as we explore new directions in our Language…

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